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Teacher Training

Teacher Training Programs soon to be offered by Lee Cardona / Lava Yoga fusion and will be Yoga Alliance guide lined. We will soon be offering the opportunity to join our 200 & 300 hour programs.. Including the options to attain specialty certificates such as Kid’s, Meditation & Yin Yoga. 


Yoga styles taught by Lee Cardona range from Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Pilates, Restorative, Prenatal & Kid’s yoga. Along with these styles of yoga Lee teaches Meditation.

  These styles and can be combined to custom meet your needs. If interested in a private or semi private/group classes please feel free to contact for more info.



Make healthy food choices a part of your daily life. Follow our newsletters, Blogs and upcoming workshops for tips on clean eating, Ayurveda information and much more to help you meet your goals.


A positive lifestyle incorporates a balance of relaxation excercises & meditation into your daily routine.

Meditation, Sounds Baths & Yin Yoga workshops are some of the wonderful ways to attain this peaceful balance.

Look at “Services” for what’s coming up.  



A successful change of Lifestyle and incorporating a new Yoga routine requires positive guidance & motivation to maintain and succeed long term.

Schedule an  intro with me via email for your first discounted private class today.


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Lee Cardona a native New Yorker & Clothing designer. Beginning her Yoga journey in 2008 she instantly realized the many amazing benefits of a yoga practice.. including the mental & physical healing Yoga truly can provide. She soon thereafter implemented yoga classes of all ages in her at the time Yoga/Dance studio which catered to the Bronx community in NYC. 

In 2012 she had a car accident which changed her physical training program drastically & decided to dive deeper into her yoga practice. 

Lee Cardona certified as a 200ryt instructor Jan.2012. A Bikram yoga instructor in Spring of 2013 & continued her education in 2016-18 earning her 300ryt and various other certificates. Lee is currently teaching with e-500ryt credentials & is also certified to teach Yin yoga, Restorative, Yoga Nidra meditation, Prenatal & Kid’s yoga. She describes this journey as a constant exchange of positive energy and knowledge.   Lee Cardona is grateful for the opportunity to share this yoga self loving experience with as many others as possible that look to enrich their lives and personal well being.
She is humbled to have had the opportunity in teaching students of all ages from 3-85 in various studios, non-profit & community organizations, city hospitals, including private sessions in NYC and Westchester county.

She has also had the pleasure of leading students and aspiring teachers in various training workshops in community settings & studios. 

Due to the Co-vid Pandemic Lee began free virtual classes teaching from home & also conducts safe outdoor classes when mother nature permits. She is currently looking forward to leading Teacher training programs and workshops in the near future. 

She describes this journey, this lifestyle & this service as a blessing.
Lee Cardona ?

Lee Cardona



Private sessions are A great way to connect with your teacher and develop a deeper understanding of your practice in a more intimate setting where you will receive specialized attention.  Beneficial to everyone including individuals with disabilities, kid’s, senior citizen and also expecting mothers.

Due to the Co-vid Pandemic currently Private sessions can be conducted virtually but also can be safely arranged into small groups for and friends, family or co workers per co-vid regulations. We also offer partner yoga for couples. 

For all inquiries directly email Lee Cardona  


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is priceless

All Of our classes and training programs are lead by Certified & Professional instructors with 10 years plus experience.

Your Peace of Mind & Customer Satisfaction is our first priority.

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