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Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio v17 Torrent Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio v17

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Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio v17

Fusion is world-class compilation software for visual effects, artists, filmmakers and 3D animators. For the past 30 years, Fusion has starred in thousands of Hollywood movies and television shows. Fusion has a node-based connector that allows you to quickly and easily create high-quality effects by combining different types of image processing tools. You get a wide range of tools, excellent VR and 3D support, fast GPU performance, unlimited network delivery and more! Fusion gives you everything you need to create exciting animations, drama titles and even fantastic movie effects.

What’s new in Fusion 17:

Songs you create on the Fusion page can now be saved as a template and used on the edit or clip page! New animation converters can be used to automatically reset animation when your editing time changes. Audio playback and waveform display make it easy to create quick animations, bookmarks and edit pages and more. In addition, 27 fast-resolution FX GPUs have been added to the Fusion side, along with color sharpening and noise reduction tools. New node appearance markers make it easier to navigate on a larger computer, the toolbar can be customized with your favorite tools, and vertical settings are compatible with the node editor.

Create your own effects and edit templates

Fusion effect templates allow you to create any imaginary effect and apply it to sections on page editing and editing. Just create a structure, save it as a whole, define the parameters you want to be visible and save them in the right place. Just drag the Fusion effect from the library to any clip!

Reset animations automatically

Adjusting the animation curve allows you to stretch or remove important frames and add bounces, mirrors or looping drawings that change automatically when the pattern changes. When you drop a Fusion title or effect on a timeline and change its duration, the animation changes accordingly!

Synchronize voice sounds

The Fusion page can now play audio from the editor or the cutting page. You can select the combination below in the event calendar, or you can listen to the audio from the source video. Wave patterns appear in the mainframe editor, so you can create timely graphics that match the sound.

Special vector shapes

Vector shaped tools make it easy to create moving images! You get ellipses, rectangles, polygons and stars, as well as Boolean operators when you combine shapes to create complex patterns. Grid, jitter, offset converter, allows you to customize animations. Shapes can also be used as particles!

Fix Quick FX

Fusion Page has 27 new GPUs for accelerated FX solution. This includes tools for sharpening and color noise reduction as well as lens fog, sound effects, color effects, image recovery tools and more. You also get patterns and styles, time effects, tools of stretching and beauty.

Customize your workflow

With node tree markers, you can quickly navigate to any part of the node tree in a large format. Editing tools The tools allow you to change the quick toolbar according to the current function. Vertical tree layouts give you more space to display keyframe and spline editors when creating animations and more.

The largest blocks in Hollywood

Thousands of Hollywood movies dominating TV showsuses Fusion to create its own visual effects. Fusion has been used in movies like Ant-Man, Red Sparrow and London Has Fallen, as well as popular TV shows like Empire, NCIS and Emergence. Fusion also plays a major role in marketing movies for major video games such as Dawn of War III, Halo 5 and more.

A node is the fastest way to work!

The nodes are very easy to use, especially when the curtains become more complex. Blend nodes are small icons that represent effects, filters, and other image processing operations. The nodes can be easily connected to create a larger and more complex visual effect. Tools, images and objects can be integrated in any order to create unlimited visual effects. Just click on the node to quickly adjust any part of your project. It is much faster than the basic programming tool because there is no need to search through set rows and filters!

Get the most powerful VFX software available!

Whether you need to extract a key, track objects, move images, print captions or create stunning particle effects, Fusion has a fantastic set of tools that let you manage the most necessary tasks. You get a real 3D workspace with tools for composing, writing, painting, animating, realistic, 3D stereoscopic and more. Fusion combines effects with moving images, as well as 3D and rendering formats in a single hardware tool. This means you can import and export 3D curtains and artwork with all your parts in Fusion. You do not need to own or transfer between multiple apps!

GPU performance acceleration

Fusion is very fast and responsive enough to be used in high pressure, customer driven sessions. With Steel, CUDA and OpenCL GPU speeds, you get instant feedback as you work so you can see what you’re doing. Fusion 17 contains more GPU pipelines than ever before. Whether you work alone or with a client, you get the time control you need. This means you can spend more time being creative and less time waiting! Fusion is so fast that you can even work in VR while wearing a headset and still get more than 90 frames per second interaction.

The power of unlimited donations

Fusion has the world’s fastest rendering engine for engine production. You can even distribute your delivery features to an unlimited number of Internet-enabled computers for great performance, at no extra cost! No one for each node provides a license fee. Install only for all nodes you need! This means it can deliver complex images very quickly within production deadlines, without having to add creativity or quality.

Minimum system requirements:

– Windows 10

– 16 GB system memory

GPU with at least 2 GB VRAM that supports Metal, OpenCL or CUDA 10

– The latest photo driver recommended by your GPU manufacturer

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