Online 200-hr Teacher Training



Overall your yoga practice will change you. As the journey continues you may evolve physically, mentally & spiritually. You may find yourself becoming a different person than when you first discovered Yoga. At this point you may realize there’s so much more to understand and learn.
This is the call of your inner teacher, preparing you to go deeper. This call can inspire you to lead & to one day ignite in others that same amazing inspiration that illuminated in you.


Online & Interactive Yoga teacher Training Certification.

Lava Lotus Yoga certification training program will fully prepare you to teach yoga In all settings.. Studios, Online, Gyms, Businesses, Schools and many more options. You will learn to teach confidently for a room full of students as well as in front of a camera. Our Program is highly interactive you are assisted every step of the way. We offer many live classrooms, in-person hours & teaching practice sessions led by our dedicated teachers.  These are very challenging times with anxieties and stress more than ever throughout the world. The need for skillful, competent and caring teachers is essential for every community. Other than Yoga practitioner experience there are no pre-requisites for our program. You can start as you are.. Where you are.


Who is this for?

Anyone interested in deepening their understanding of yoga and Yogis wanting to start a career teaching yoga. Professionals who want to integrate yoga into their current profession. Anyone seeking personal health and self-empowerment.  WALK YOUR YOGIC PATH

Our team of teacher trainers will welcome you into our community and support you in each step towards achieving your Yogic goals.  We will help guide your new Yogic path to the next level & transition your practice into a teaching career.  Strengthen your asana with an in depth knowledge foundation of anatomy and alignment

Learn & understand the esoteric teachings of the subtle body, the Sutras and Sanskrit

Gain spiritual tools for self-reflection which benefits extend beyond the mat becoming a more present individual as maybe a partner, parent or friend

Whatever Yogic vision you hold for yourself, we will help you walk your path from the moment you begin with Pure yoga fusions through your process of becoming the Yogi and teacher you yearn to be (if you choose to teach!) Straight to the moment your classroom is filled with students who are ready to learn from you.



Each of our teacher training leaders are certified in their field & or also through Yoga Alliance. Our team have walked and taught the Yogic path with many years of experience. We know the journey intimately as devotees, practitioners, teachers, trainers, and as our career calling – and we can support you every step of the way.

With decades of practice between us, and dedication to training teachers, we will instill in you our hard-won wisdom from thousands of hours of teaching experience, personal practice and self-study. We’re generous with our knowledge, time and attention because true Yoga is best transmitted with personal care.

Yoga is a vast subject, with our Lava Lotus yoga team of teacher training leaders we will in depth cover all particular specialties such anatomy, philosophy, teaching methodology, and more.
In the Lava Lotus Yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, you’ll study through the skillful perspective of experts, not generalists, which means you’ll complete your training with confidence in your knowledge and will be well-prepared to teach.


The Lava Lotus Yoga 200hr  Yoga Teacher Training will clarify the art and science of teaching Yoga. You’ll gather the knowledge and practice to become an exceptional Vinyasa and Hatha yoga teacher. With our 300-hour program you will deepen that knowledge and learn the 26/2 sequence. You will also learn more on modifications for various students. We will go deeper into other styles opening possibilities of moving into a desired specialty as said with yoga there are many paths.

Becoming an exceptional teacher? Attaining this requires more than a flowy language, some sequencing and a feel-good vibe. A true teacher can guide you to an indescribable experience of something more and is knowledgeable to educate along the way.

Something more is what keeps you coming back to your mat, and draws you deeper every time. It’s an experience you’ll learn to create for you and for your students through the Lava Lotus yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training.

The synergy of physical science and ancient wisdom illuminated through the presence of a passionate teacher.. This is the science of exceptional Yoga teaching.



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LEARN & GET CERTIFIED TO TEACH A 26+2 “The Original Hot Yoga”, Hatha & Vinyasa flow class.



200 Hour

 Transform your life today with our Yoga Teacher Training program. Become a worldwide Yoga certified instructor with us at Lava Lotus Yoga.  Our soon offered program will be taught under Yoga alliance guidelines.. One of yoga’s leading professional agencies. 

The requirements for the 200 hour certification  are based on hours & content. You will graduate ready to teach.


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300 Hour

Continue your journey with our advanced second level course 300 Hour Teacher training program. Our soon offered 300 hour advanced training is designed to build upon and deepen the trainee’s understanding of the fundamental concepts the practice and teaching of yoga that are generally taught at the 200 Hour level.

Upcoming Certifications

Lava Lotus Yoga under Lead teacher Lee Cardona is offering the following certifications this upcoming Summer! Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra/Meditation & 200hr 26+2 w/modifications.

For more info. please visit the “Training Info” page on this site.

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